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Application / services logging using Serilog and files

This year I built a few systems that are defined by many as microservices. These services are independent by how they scale, perform and by what they do. The services can be built on any technology and be deployed using Docker containers, Nuget packages, NPM, FTP, file drops and more. It really doesn’t matter as long as it makes sense. My services often communicate over TCP using HTTP or WebSockets. What I want next is to get an understanding of the application and service state and be able to choose and configure how deep that data is reflecting the application core. That could be errors, communications faults, successful transactions, pull frequencies from databases and other sources, business KPIs. Really everything. This state and heartbeat can be used to trace and monitor the state close to real-time. This can also be a supplement to your existing data warehouse and business intelligence, as well as making a foundation to understand how your own code works.

Architecture Developer Logging

Time zones… Where do we begin? It is a constant headache for developers and some developers just ignore it. I try always to force everything to UTC and only display the local time when needed in the UI. That gives me some sense of safety and control. These days I try to work with time zones in Javascript. And that gives me a set of new challenges since the computer owns the Date object in the browser and not the application.


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